Amazing benefits of pumpkin seeds | which you did not know before

Amazing benefits of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Beetroot is a very familiar and delicious vegetable whose inner seeds we usually throw away as leftovers. But you will be surprised to know that there are about 574 calories per 100 grams of pumpkin. And there are many important nutrients including B vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc, and antioxidants. And so eating a small amount of pumpkin seeds every day can provide you with various health benefits.

10 Benefits of Pumpkin Seed

This article discusses 10 scientifically proven health benefits of pumpkin seeds. Also, read the paragraph till the end to know how much pumpkin seeds can be consumed daily and what problems can be caused by consuming too much.

Heart keeps well

Pumpkin seeds contain fiber, omega three fatty acids, omega six fatty acids, and antioxidants that help keep the heart and liver healthy. It also contains special substances called sterols and phytosterols that reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol accumulates in blood vessels and causes serious problems like high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

Eating pumpkin seeds can be beneficial for those who already have high blood pressure. Because the magnesium and potassium in it play a special role in controlling blood pressure. However, pumpkin seeds should not be mixed with salt, as the sodium in the salt will increase blood pressure.

Increases immunity

Pumpkin seeds are rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, and vitamin E that boost the body's immune system. A high immune system can greatly reduce the chances of any type of virus, bacteria, or germ infection in the body. And so develop the habit of eating pumpkin seeds regularly to prevent disease attacks and infections.

Pumpkin seeds reduce weight

Many people desire to lose excess body weight but don't want to go through the hassle of dieting. In addition to eating three meals a day, many people eat various light snacks in the morning and evening, most of which are fast food and high-calorie foods that increase body weight.

If you can eat pumpkin seeds as a light snack, you can lose weight without much trouble. Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of fiber which takes a long time to digest and keeps the stomach full for a long time. By doing this, excess food does not get a chance to enter the body, thereby keeping the weight under control.

Pumpkin seeds control diabetes

Pumpkin seeds can help control blood sugar levels in patients with type-2 diabetes. This may be due to the presence of large amounts of magnesium in pumpkin seeds. And magnesium deficiency in the body is linked to increased blood sugar levels.

Animal studies have also shown that pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seeds lower blood sugar levels. However, pumpkin seeds should not be relied on as a substitute for medication or insulin to control diabetes. Rather, it should be taken as an auxiliary ingredient along with medicine.

Reduces muscle inflammation

Pumpkin contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce burning sensations in the hands, feet, and muscles. Also, some studies have shown that it can play an effective role in reducing arthritis pain. Also, applying pumpkin seed oil externally to reduce arthritis pain is beneficial.

Ensures good prostate health

In most men, a common problem of the prostate gland occurs after the age of 50, which is called in medical terms. In this case, there are various abnormal symptoms related to urine discharge and ejaculation.

A study of 1,400 men found that regular consumption of pumpkin seeds significantly reduced symptoms related to prostate problems. However, there is still research on whether it can be used as a supplement in its treatment.

Apart from prostate problems in men, some special nutrients in pumpkin seeds help in maintaining good bladder function in both men and women.

Increases sperm count in men

Research has shown that a zinc deficiency in a man's body is linked to male infertility problems, including reduced sperm count and quality. Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc, which plays a special role in keeping sperm healthy. Also, vitamin E, selenium, and antioxidants present in it help to increase the production of sex hormones in a man's body.

Helps prevent cancer

If you keep pumpkin seeds in your diet regularly, it plays an important role in preventing various types of cancer. For example:

  • Stomach cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Cancer of the prostate gland etc.

A long-term study has shown that a special component called lignans present in pumpkin seeds helps to significantly reduce the risk of developing breast cancer after menopause.

Helps in better sleep

A natural sleep remedy is found in pumpkin seeds. A special amino acid called tryptophan present in it is converted into the nerve regulator serotonin in the body which ensures good sleep. Pumpkin seeds also contain a large amount of magnesium, which plays an important role in good sleep. And so a handful of pumpkin seeds at night can bring you a peaceful sleep for the whole night.

Pumpkin seeds for hair care

Using pumpkin seed oil in hair care helps to resolve hair fall and promote new hair growth. The presence of vitamin E and phytosterols in pumpkin seeds is believed to play a role in hair care. More research is needed to confirm the benefits of pumpkin seed oil for hair. But this much can be said that it is safe and side effect free. And so you can test its effectiveness by using it if you want.

How many pumpkin seeds can be eaten?

These pumpkin seeds can be eaten in a variety of ways. For example: in raw form or in a little tail or as cakes, soups, and salads. However, the daily maximum should not be more than one-fourth of a cup or 30 grams. Because it can cause stomach gas and constipation. Note: If you want to store pumpkin seeds, dry them in the sun and store them in a dry glass jar. By doing this, the nutritional quality will be good for 3 to 4 months.

Pumpkin seeds are a nutritious food, no doubt about it. But it is not a medicine that can cure the disease. And so one should not overeat from exaggerated ideas. Instead, eat in moderation every day with meals or as a light snack.


Incorporating pumpkin seeds into your daily routine is a journey to wellness. Embrace the amazing benefits they offer for your heart, immune system, beauty, and overall health. Make these small treasures a part of your lifestyle and witness the positive impact on your well-being.


Roasted pumpkin is more nutritious?

Although roasting can reduce some nutrient levels, roasted pumpkin seeds remain a healthy snack choice with a delightful flavor.

Are pumpkin seeds safe for children?

Pumpkin seeds are a fantastic food for babies, packed with essential nutrients for their growth and development.

Should you eat pumpkin seeds every day?

A handful of pumpkin seeds a day is a healthy and balanced serving, providing plenty of nutrients without extra calories.

Can pumpkin seeds help you lose weight?

Pumpkin seeds can help with weight loss due to their high fiber content, promoting feelings of fullness.

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