Making Mango Pickles: Ingredients and Recipes

Who does not love to eat pickles? If you see pickles, you may have to eat them. The Mango Pickle Recipe is a delicious and fun dish. Also, it is out of season and we can eat it by making pickles and preserving it. After a certain time, raw mangoes are no longer available.

Making Mango Pickles, Ingredients and Recipes

Because then the mango gets ripe. So in this short time, I prepare this recipe using raw mango. A variety of pickles are my favorite. The word pickle is accompanied by a tongue-watering feeling. Now that the mango season is on, today's article is about a variety of delicious pickles.

Mango pickle recipe

So read today's complete articles carefully to know the details. Hope you can know all these related tricks and tricks right here. Because it is a favorite food of all. Also, when there is no mango, it can be tasted through this ritual.

But there are many rules in making pickles. If you don't follow them, no one will like your pickles. It will not be sustainable for long. So let's get all the information related to this.

What are the ingredients for making mango pickles?

Mango is the main ingredient for making mango pickles. The taste and smell of mango pickle depends on the mango. Mangoes are usually cut raw for pickling.

Other ingredients of mango pickle are:

  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Chilli powder
  • Garlic paste
  • Ginger batter
  • Five seasoning spices
  • Turmeric powder
  • Vinegar (optional)

Method of preparing mango pickle

Method of preparing mango pickle

Everyone loves this mango pickle recipe. So there are solutions to all kinds of problems to dazzle your family with delicious mango pickles. And many recipes as well.

First of all, I take mango to make mango pickles. I have taken about one kg of mangoes for making pickles. And I peeled the mangoes and cut them into slices. Remember to soak the mangoes in water as soon as they are separated from the choke.

Otherwise, the mangoes will turn black. Because mangoes have a lot of pulp. Then wash the mangoes immediately and drain the water. Remember that there should be no water on the mango. Now to prepare this pickle you will need one spoon of coriander, five or six dry chilies, one spoon of cumin seeds, one spoon of samurai, and one spoon of Five seasoning spices.

Mango sour Solder sweet pickle

Mango sour Solder sweet pickle

I will grind all these ingredients. But do not over-fry as over-frying may burn them. As a result, its quality will be lost. So keep this in mind why not this spice is very important in making pickles.

Now I put a pan in the oven to make the pickle. I put three cups of mustard oil in the pan. After that add one spoon of garlic paste and one spoon of ginger paste. After that, shake it well and fry it. This time you have to add mustard paste like a spoon.

After that, I gave it like a spoonful of Five seasoning spices. Fry again for about 30 seconds. This time I will give the mangoes through it. Care should be taken that there is no water on the mango. If there is water, but the mangoes are not pickled as you like.

This time I will add about three cups of jaggery. Again, shake and mix all the ingredients well. You will see that the jaggery will melt after a while. No lemon juice can be used here.

When you see the mangoes are cooked. Then I will add the pre-fried spices. Now you have to burn it well. When you see that the bar water is drained without oil, then you will understand that the pickle is done.

So the pickle I made is done and it smells so good. Wow, what a wonderful meal. So you must try making pickles like this at home. Hope you like it.

Raw Mango Recipe

Raw Mango Recipe

The most important thing in making raw mango pickles is the water left in the mango. The water in the mango pickle recipe causes the mangoes to melt completely. As a result, you do not behave as you like. So to get rid of this you have to wash the mangoes well after 10 minutes after cutting them.

So hopefully you don't have to face such problems while making pickles. Then add two cups of mustard oil at home. And some spices should be fried beforehand. The spices I will use later in the mango pickle.

That's why one spoon of coriander, one spoon of guava, one pinch of cumin, and 7-10 dry chilies should be bought in advance. Now I add one tablespoon of garlic paste in mustard oil. The garlic will not grow very well, it will be slightly mushy.

Raw mango sweet pickle

Raw mango sweet pickle

Then add a spoonful of mustard paste. After that, I give a spoonful of ginger paste. Now all these ingredients should be fried well. When it is fried, I will put the drained mangoes in it.

This time you have to give two bowls of sweets. After giving the sweet, it will release some water. You have to wait until the water dries up. And must go through the mesh well. When the water drains, only the oil will float. Then add the spices that I had previously fried in oil. Shake for two minutes after giving. Your delicious raw mango pickle is ready.

Mango pickle recipe

Mango pickle recipe

Pickle is fun and it is a delicious food. Which is my favorite. Everyone loves the mango pickle recipe. It also tastes amazing. Again we can enjoy the taste and taste of mangoes by knowing this pickle recipe.

Mangoes can be preserved by pickling in different ways. Some people dry it in the sun and then make pickles, while others consider it a problem. So you might want to make pickles without exposing them to the sun. So if you know a method, I hope you can make all kinds of pickles.

But many pickles don't even require oil. Such pickles are prepared only with masala and sugar. Among these are marmalade and gelato. Where oil is not required. Such pickles are prepared only with sugar.

Raw mango pickle

Above I have given all the information regarding Pickle From there you can make any kind of Pickle as you like. It just depends on what kind of pickle you want to make.

If you want to make sour pickles, then you can make your favorite sour pickle if you follow the rest of the rules without using any kind of sweet. Again, if you want to make a sweet pickle, add sugar or sweets there. Other rules will be followed in the same way.

Again if you don't like any kind of oil in pickle then you can prepare pickle by omitting it. But in that case, the amount of sugar is a little more required. Follow the rules like this. Only then you can make any kind of pickle.

Raw Mango Sour Pickle Recipe

Raw Mango Sour Pickle Recipe

Follow the raw mango pickle recipe above to prepare this recipe. Only I have used quite a bit of sweetener in the raw mango pickle above but you don't have to use any kind of sweetener.

Many people do not like sweets in pickles. They love sour pickles with mango. They can see the raw mango recipe above. Prepare everything in the same way only use salt instead of Noor. But I don't use as much salt.

Salt should be used like two spoons or you can add salt according to your taste. But if you give more salt then it will be cut and as a result, it will not taste good.

Raw Mango Oil Pickle

Raw Mango Oil Pickle

Oil pickle is a very tasty pickle. Can be prepared in different ways, some use sweets in this oil pickle. Again it can be prepared without sweets but it is very good to eat with food like Khichdi, etc.

But the way we eat other pickles. It's not meant to be eaten that way unless you use sweeteners in there. So today I am not using any kind of sweet in sir's ritual. That is, I will not use any sugar or ghee. Because I will serve this pickle with Khichdi.

I like to eat this pickle with rice. I cut one kg of mangoes to make this batter. and dry in a little sun. Now to make the batter I have taken five spices, coriander, ginger batter, garlic paste, cumin seeds, and a few dry pepper.

Now it's time to prepare the pickle. At this stage, I put a pan on the stove and put half a kg of mustard oil in the pan. Add ginger-garlic paste, like a spoon. I will fry these masalas for about five minutes. At this stage, mango should be given.

When the mangoes are cooked I will add the other spices. Remember that in the oil pickle, the mangoes will be submerged in all the oil. Then it should be burnt for twenty minutes. Let your ritual be ready.

But remember that the pickles should be exposed to the sun after a few days of making them. And after two or three months it has to be burned again. By doing this, you can eat this pickle for a long time.

Last word

I have prepared mango chutney in the mentioned method. You can say very tasty if you have followed this tutorial of mine, i.e. mango pickle recipe ingredients correctly, then surely how to make delicious sour solder sweet mango pickle easily. Learned about it in detail. In the mentioned topics, I have mentioned some methods of making pickles. Comment which plant pickle you think is delicious to eat from there. thank you...


Which oil is good for pickled mango?

Pickle cannot be made with oil like olive oil but instead, we usually add mustard oil while making it. Mustard oil mixes well with spices and hence is the most widely used.

Ways to reduce the sourness of pickled mangoes?

Add sliced mango to a bowl and sprinkle salt and turmeric. Mix well and cover overnight. This helps remove some of the sourness from the mango slices and helps release excess moisture. The turmeric prevents the mango from softening by hardening the pieces so that the pickle has a nice bite.

Is mango pickle harmful?

Mango pickles in moderation can also help in weight loss. This pickle contains phytochemicals that act as fat burners. The good dietary fiber content of this pickle keeps the digestive system healthy. It keeps your stomach full for longer and prevents overeating.

Who invented pickles?

The ritual has a long history and is found in all cultures. The earliest known example is the cucumber that was cultivated in Mesopotamia sometime around 2030 BC when inhabitants of northern India brought cucumber seeds to the Tigris Valley.

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