From Chaos to Harmony: The Ultimate Parenting Guide Revealed

How to be a good parent

Parenting is the key to driving an entire generation. Proper parenting is a big responsibility for children, families, and society. Because wrong parenting not only harms parents but also harms children and society. It is said that most of this 21st-century generation is growing up with wrong parenting. Which can make the whole nation sick.

Most people do not know how to talk well with a child, how to behave well, and how to raise a child. Due to their ignorance, children grow up with a sick mentality. Whose fault is this?

Through this article, you will learn what good parenting is, how to do it, how to treat your child, and what to teach.

Parenting or guardianship

Parenting or guardianship

“Parent”, means parent or guardian, from Parent, “Parenting”, means parental responsibility or guardianship. The child's future consciousness and mentality are formed from the family.

Children imitate parents and family members. Children learn what they do and don't do, how they talk, and how they treat people and other animals by watching the family. If the behavior of the family is wrong, then it is embedded in the tender heart of the child, that is, the effect of that mistake is on the child.

If you talk loudly in front of your child, show anger, hurt other people, show no empathy, compare one person with another, and do not care about other's wishes and opinions - these things can have a bad effect on children if they grow up watching them. will read

There is also the possibility of an entire generation living with mental illness in the coral grass of wrong parenting. Bad parenting leads to breakups, despair, depression, and suicide. Children get involved in activities that are harmful to society and the state if they do not get the proper education.

So you understand how important this parenting is. Whether you are a parent or a future parent, your child's well-being will depend on the education you provide. If you want the best for yourself and the child, try to raise the child properly.

How to do good parenting?

How to do good parenting

All those who have already become parents and those who will be parents in the future should be prepared from the beginning to raise the child properly. How to prepare? Know these things–

Give your child confidence without comparison

In our society, if a child does something wrong, he is scolded, scolded, compared to other children of the same age, and even slapped. It just doesn't work.

Every child is unique. Everyone has different talents, abilities, abilities. If he can do something right, praise him, and give him confidence. This will motivate him to do better work later. And if you make a mistake, don't be rude, don't compare with so-and-so. Just say- What you are doing is not right, it is better to do it this way. Convince the child, but don't make the child wrong.

Keep some time even amid the busyness

All children want the affection and love of their parents. Always wants her parents close. Many people are not able to find time to spend with family and children after being busy with various activities at home and outside. As a result, distance is created between parents and children. Due to this distance, the child's relationship with parents is not good. Which can sometimes become a cause of danger.

In today's era, parents are busy and children spend time with technology, with various digital devices. It hinders the child's mental development. Growing up like this, they are indifferent to relationships and socialization. Watching negative content leads to growing up mentally ill.

So no matter how busy you are, be with your child at least one day a week. go for a walk Go along to encourage your child on special days at school. Come back from work and spend some time. Watch good shows on TV together, encourage reading, and help with homework.

Never push your child

Many are seen saying to the child, "I did this for you, I did that...". In this way, he tells what he has done for the child. But it shouldn't. Hearing this, the child feels inferior and humiliated. Which becomes a barrier to his confidence and life.

Show the child that you love him/her selflessly, not raising him/her to make demands or demands. This will encourage the child to be responsible on his own. He will be diligent in fulfilling his responsibilities towards his parents and family from his conscience.

Pay attention to the child

Some parents do not pay attention to their children when they talk, do not look at them and listen with interest, and avoid when the child says something useful. It is not right to do so. In this, the poison of contempt and neglect enters into the soft heart. Which keeps him in turmoil inside. He or she may later develop a mindset of neglecting others.

So when he speaks, pay attention to his words with interested eyes. If you are busy at that time, then tell me to listen after work. After finishing, ask him to himself "What did you mean?". Listen to his words. If he wants something, buy it if you can afford it. And if something is out of reach and unnecessary, then explain it to him.

Teach waste prevention

If you leave the water tap on unnecessarily, leave the gas stove on, or spoil the food, the child will learn to do the same. Everyone knows that wasting is not a good thing.

Prevent the child from doing these things yourself. Tell him if you see him wasting away. Teach scarcity. Explain the meaning of eating by sharing food.

Teach good manners

Most people in society are seen discussing and criticizing someone's appearance. Comparing who's skin color. If there is any problem in someone's body, they speak harshly, insult, and shame in a funny way. If you have this small-minded nature, change it. Because your child will grow up with such small-mindedness, he will also behave like that with others.

Teach him that it is not good to talk down to someone, to talk harshly, to talk badly about physical problems, or to make fun of someone.

Control your temper

Take care that the influence of family quarrels, the hostile relationship between husband and wife, etc. does not fall on the child. Husband and wife should be in a normal and gentle mood in front of the child. If the child does something wrong, keep the temper controlled by shouting, scolding, and raising hands. Your harsh temper will harm the child, he will be afraid of you, will be frightened, and will deteriorate the relationship with you.

If you show such a temper, then immediately say sorry to the child. Admit you've made a mistake, pull it close.

Make your child a loyal friend

Don't just be a parent. Be such a close friend that your child can feel free to share their feelings and problems with you. Respect the child's privacy so that he can trust you blindly.

Give equal importance to boys and girls

It is seen that boys are given more priority in the society. Boys are given good food first. Spend more on your son. Girls are given less importance than boys. Many parents do not want to provide adequate education. Girls are deprived of many other facilities. It is wrong to do so, it is also unfair. Do not wrong any child. Give equal importance, and equal rights to all children.

Teach children religion

Many children today do not have a proper understanding of religion, cannot read religious books, and religious hatred is rampant. The main fault is the parents. He will be held accountable for this in the hereafter. So teach your child about their religion from childhood. Religious education can make someone an ideal person.

Our last words

Gutuguti Pa is always aware of the care of children. We always work to create awareness among the parents so that the children do not grow up with a wrong and sick mentality, and do not fall under the influence of sick parenting. Be the child's role model rather than the child's ruler. Be the parent whose good parenting makes your child's life easier.


What does a good parent mean?

Parents who take the time to listen, take children's concerns seriously, provide consistent support, step back and let children solve problems independently (or not), and allow enough free time for play can help children thrive.

What is the importance of parenting?

Parents occupy the most important place for children. Parents include mothers and fathers and other caregivers who act as parents. From birth, children depend on their parents to provide them with the care they need to stay happy and healthy and grow well.

Why do parents try to understand their children?

Children who experience understanding from important adults in their lives during their formative years are more likely to grow into loving and caring adults. Parents must understand their children, their development, needs, and uniqueness.

Who is the guardian in simple words?

A guardian is a person to whom a judge or will gives legal responsibility to care for a child or adult who cannot care for themselves. An employed person is often responsible for the care of a ward (child or disabled adult) and that person's financial affairs.

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