How to take care of a mother after a cesarean section

Maternal care after caesarean section

If you don't know how to take care of a mother after cesarean, then you need to know. After a cesarean, a mother has to take care of a lot if you can't take proper care then various problems arise. If you know how to take care of the mother after a cesarean, then if you can take care in this way, a cesarean mother can recover very quickly.

So from today's article, know the details about how to take care of the mother after cesarean. If you want to know how to take care of a mother after cesarean before and after childbirth, then continue reading our article till the end.

What should be the care of a cesarean mother before and after childbirth?

Maternal care before and after childbirth

It is very important to know how to take care of a cesarean mother before and after childbirth because the mother has to take a lot of care before childbirth and if you can't take proper care, it can be harmful for both the mother and the child. So first you should know how to take care of the mother before giving birth.

  • Proper and nutritious food
  • Calculating the due date
  • Vaccination at the right time
  • Do not do any heavy work
  • Resting and sleeping
  • Do not travel long distances
  • Keeping the mother clean
  • Dressed in mother's clothes

Proper and nutritious food

One of the cares of a pregnant mother is to eat proper and nutritious food. Try to eat more nutritious foods before the birth of the baby because the foods that a pregnant mother eats during pregnancy provide nutrients to the baby.

Calculating the due date

It is very important to calculate your due date when the child is in the womb because if you are not aware of this, it can cause harm. So you regularly go to the doctor after a few days and calculate the possible date of delivery yourself.

Vaccination at the right time

Another care for expectant mothers is to take vaccinations at the right time like two TT vaccinations are required between 5 to 8 months of pregnancy. This will make your unborn child much better for it.

Do not do any heavy work

If you have a pregnant woman in your house, do not make her do any heavy work. And if you are a pregnant woman then never do extra heavy work during pregnancy.

Resting and sleeping

Don't overthink or stress about anything during pregnancy, get enough rest and sleep enough daily. If all these are in order then you can stay healthy during pregnancy which is very good for both mother and baby.

Do not travel long distances

Long-distance travel should be avoided during pregnancy. But especially in the last few months travel has been prohibited. Because long journeys during pregnancy can cause harm to both the mother and the baby.

Keeping the mother clean

During pregnancy, you should always be clean, take a bath regularly, keep your hands and feet clean, and keep your hair and teeth clean. In a word, be a little more careful during pregnancy.

Dressed in mother's clothes

One of the most important things during pregnancy is to wear loose-fitting clothes. Do not wear clothes that put pressure on the stomach. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothing.

How to take care of a mother after a cesarean

Caring for the mother after caesarean

Knowing how to care for a mother after cesarean is very important. Most care is needed after cesarean but many people may not know how to take care of their mother after cesarean. Due to not taking proper care, you have to face various problems, so know the ways to take care of your mother after a cesarean.

How to take care of mother after cesarean are:

  • 1. Since a part of the abdomen is cut during a cesarean, the cut part should be taken care of so that no wound can form there.
  • 2. After a cesarean, a mother needs to eat more vitamin-nutritious food as care. Because when the baby is in the womb, a mother becomes deficient in many nutrients and after the baby is born, she needs to eat more nutritious food because the baby has to breastfeed.
  • 3. The baby needs to sit up properly for breastfeeding and when a woman has a cesarean delivery, the abdomen is cut so there is no repeated bending over and picking up of the baby.
  • 4. Many people experience neck and back pain after a cesarean. That's why a cesarean mother needs to get a lot of rest if she wants to reduce neck and back pain.
  • 5. Avoid doing any heavy work. If you do too much heavy work, there is a possibility of damage to the abdominal spine due to tension.
  • 6. An adequate amount of water should be drunk because at this time many people are afraid that there may be any harm if they go to the toilet after the cesarean. Don't panic about this. I hope you know how to take care of a mother after a cesarean besides these, many other cares cannot be finished at once.

How long after a cesarean does the stitches dry up?

It cannot be said for sure how long it takes for stitches to dry after a cesarean because not everyone's body is the same.

Those whose body is a little tight will dry in less time and those whose body is a little juicy or loose will take a little longer to dry their stitches, and many people have blood and pus coming out of their cuts and their stitches will take longer to dry. But if you take proper care it will dry quickly.

How long after cesarean can you have a baby?

If such a critical issue occurs, it takes a long time for a mother to recover, even then she cannot fully recover and if there is no child before she is fully recovered, then there is a risk of death of the mother. And it takes at least 2 years for a cesarean woman to fully recover.

So if anyone does not know how long after cesarean you can have a baby then know that you cannot have a baby again two years after a cesarean. You can have children again after at least two years.

Last word

How to take care of a cesarean mother before and after childbirth How to take care of a mother after cesarean how long after cesarean the stitches dry up how long after cesarean can have a baby are discussed in today's article. Hope you got to know all these things well. If you want to know more, you can tell us by commenting.

And if you want to read more such articles then you can visit our website regularly. Because such informative articles are regularly published on our website. Thank you so much for being with us this long.


What food should be eaten after Caesarean?

In this case, it is necessary to eat more fiber-rich foods in the diet. For this, fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet. Eat fibrous fruits and salads. Apart from this, including pulses, beans, green gram, strawberries, sweet potatoes, etc. in the diet.

Is it harmful to eat milk after a cesarean?

Most mothers and mothers-in-law recommend various dietary restrictions like avoiding milk, ghee, and rice after cesarean section as they believe it can hamper scar healing. However, this is just a myth and a woman can resume her normal diet within a day or two after a cesarean.

How many days after Caesar can eat?

At first, you may be asked to eat only ice chips or sip water, at least until your provider is sure that you are not likely to bleed too much. Most likely, you will be able to eat a light meal 8 hours after your C-section.

How long should a newborn baby be fed?

Your newborn will nurse about 8 to 12 times a day during the first week of life. In the beginning, mothers may want to try feeding for 10-15 minutes on each breast, then adjust the time as needed. Breastfeeding should be on demand (when your baby is hungry), which is usually every 1-3 hours.

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