Homemade Chicken, Beef, Biryani Recipes and Ingredients

I have written about the best simple homemade biryani recipe ingredients and spices in this article. Follow the complete post to learn how to cook chicken, potato biryani, and Kachchi biryani recipes and ingredients.

Homemade Chicken, Beef, Biryani Recipes and Ingredients

Instead of running here and there for biryani, make chicken biryani with incredible taste at home. Thinking that making biryani is a very difficult task! Not difficult at all. I will teach you a very easy homemade biryani recipe.

Perfect biryani spice recipe

Whether you are making cow chicken or any kitchen or Kachchi biryani, you can make this perfect biryani spice recipe at home. Then you can easily cook Biryani at home for any event or event. Which will be very delicious to eat.

Perfect biryani spice recipe


  • First, take 2 tablespoons of cardamom.
  • A little less than a tablespoon of cloves.
  • Five large or black cardamoms.
  • Half a teaspoon of cinnamon, or spices.
  • 7/8 bay leaves.
  • A cup of black pepper.
  • A cup of kebab sugar.
  • Two spoons of white pepper.
  • One tablespoon of cooking spices powder.
  • A little less than a tablespoon of poppy seed powder.
  • Four big-size star spices.
  • Three tablespoons of cumin powder.
  • Two tablespoons of cumin.
  • Three tablespoons of whole coriander.
  • The upper part of the three Mace.
  • Two pieces of victory.
  • Five to seven cashew nuts.
  • Half a cup of groundnuts.
  • Six dried chilies.

Directions for making Perfect Biryani spices:

First, mix all the mentioned ingredients, and fry them for a while on a low-temperature fire. In this case, you must keep in mind that the spices do not get burnt while frying too much, so lower the temperature to medium-low in a light step, then fry.

Then after the spices have cooled down, grind them through a blender or a pestle and make sure they are well mixed.

Homemade Biryani Recipe Ingredients

More or less every person in our country likes to eat Biryani. But as many people are not used to eating outside cooked biryani, I have given the recipe ingredients below in short form for how to make homemade biryani.

Homemade Biryani Recipe Ingredients

The ingredients for cooking biryani at home are as follows:

  • Basmati rice
  • Meat or pieces of meat (you can take roast chicken, beef, or beef if you want.)
  • Ginger paste
  • Green cardamom pods
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Bay leaf
  • Cumin seeds
  • Chop the onion
  • Vegetable oil
  • Garlic, minced
  • Coriander seeds
  • fragrant spices
  • Salt, water

And finally, using fresh coriander leaves and mint for garnish will make the biryani much tastier.

Chicken Biryani Recipe Ingredients

Chicken Biryani is a favorite dish of Bengalis, made with a mixture of aromatic spices and tender meat. Check out the chicken biryani recipe ingredients below.

Chicken Biryani Recipe Ingredients

Chicken Biryani Recipe Ingredients:

Two cups of basmati rice, one kg of chicken (must be cut into pieces), and 250 grams of chopped onion. One tablespoon of edible oil. Half a table of cloves, one spoonful of ginger paste, two raw cardamoms, three cinnamon sticks, two bay leaves, one teaspoon of cumin seeds, and one teaspoon of coriander seeds. A teaspoon or so of salt and water.

Easy way to cook Chicken Biryani

Anyone can cook chicken biryani at home in a simple way during holidays. Hope following my steps will make the biryani recipes very easy for those who find cooking biryani difficult.

Easy way to cook Chicken Biryani

You will cook the biryani recipe as per the list of family members with your quantity of ingredients. I am going to cook Biryani for three members of my family. For this first, I will take two cups of basmati rice. And the rice should be soaked for 30 minutes with enough water.

After taking a pot of water like a family and putting it on the stove, I mixed a spoonful of cumin. And added salt like the family, using a spoonful of soybean oil as cooking oil. Then I poured the pre-washed basmati rice into the boiling water. Most of the basmati rice will be cooked in this boiling water but will remain slightly raw. Then pour it in a skinner or drain the water from the rice in a specific container. Then keep the rice in a specific container.

Now let's come to the cooking step of the biryani recipe:

To cook chicken biryani first I put some amount of soya bean oil as patience oil in a cake pan or along with two or three bay leaves. Then add a light amount of whole spices such as four to five pieces of cardamom, 1 to 2 pieces of cinnamon, and a few cloves, of pepper. Along with that, I gave Long Nutmeg, Mace, and a small quantity of salt.

The next step is to fry one cup of chopped onions in oil. When the peaches are fried and turn light red, then pour half a cup of onion batter. Then mix a spoonful of ginger and garlic paste.

Then pour half a cup of sour curd. After giving one and a half teaspoon of biryani spice, pour one teaspoon of tomato sauce. Finally, spread the pieces of chicken or chicken meat on the masala, along with adding enough salt. Reduce the flame of the stove and mix the chicken or meat pieces well with the spice.

When the meats are lightly cooked, sprinkle five to seven pieces of green chilies. And lastly, mix the chicken well with the spices and cover it with a lid. And wait until the chickens are fully cooked. Then pour the previously mentioned boiled rice or basmati rice with boiled chicken spices as the main ingredient. Also, Also, use a cup of liquid whole milk.

Add a teaspoon of saffron color to the biryani to give it color and make it visually appealing. Also, sprinkle one teaspoon of Pandanus water and one spoon of rose water. Finally, add one tablespoon of ghee.

Then cover the pot well with a lid so that air does not escape through any holes. In this way, the net should be given for 18 to 20 minutes at a mild temperature. Then open the lid from the Frying-pan and mix the biryani rice well with the meat and then remove the Frying-pan from the oven. Then enjoy the chicken biryani recipe with the requisite salad.

Special Note: If you are not able to make biryani masala with the mentioned ingredients or find it difficult. Then ready-made biryani spices are available to buy from the market like Aromatic biryani spice, prana biryani recipe spice, etc. You can easily cook a chicken biryani recipe at home with such ready-made spice packets.

Beef Biryani Recipe

Beef Biryani Recipe

You can cook biryani by mixing all the ingredients and ingredients given in the chicken biryani recipe as beef biryani recipe ingredients. But in this case, like chicken biryani is served with chicken, beef biryani is served with pieces of beef. Beef Biryani will be tastier as compared to the amount of meat used in Chicken Biryani.

Ways to cook Potatoes Biryani Recipe

Soak polao rice or basmati rice in water for 30 minutes. Then heat oil in a large pot and fry the onion in the oil until it turns red. Then put the potatoes in the pot.

Ways to cook Potatoes Biryani Recipe

Then add garlic, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, cumin, coriander, beef, and Aromatic spices to the oil and cook on low heat for two to three minutes. Pour pre-soaked polao rice or basmati rice into the pot and fry it for about five minutes, stirring frequently with a spoon to prevent the rice from burning.

Cover the rice with water and salt as per quantity and heat until boiling. Then continue to cook on low temperature for 20 to 25 minutes. When the water from the pot dries up, make flakes of rice with a spoon and garnish with coriander leaves and mint leaves if possible.

Then the process of cooking the potato Biryani recipe at home is done easily. Which is very tasty and fun to eat.

Kachchi Biryani Recipe Ingredients

Kachchi Biryani Recipe Ingredients

Among the most popular biryani, Kachchi biryani is very tasty and very comforting to eat. But in making this Kachchi biryani recipe, the ingredients have to be cooked with special care. For this biryani cooking is required in two steps: 1) Making the marinade and 2) Cooking the biryani.

Kachchi biryani recipe Ingredients for making marinade are:

One kg of beef slices. Two cups of plain yogurt, or sour yogurt. Two tablespoons of ginger paste, 2 tablespoons of garlic paste, 2 tablespoons of dry chili powder. One spoon of cumin powder, one spoon of coriander powder, one spoon of turmeric powder, and the same amount of salt.

Ingredients for Kachchi Biryani Recipe:

Briefly: Take one kg equivalent or four cups of basmati or polao rice. And soak it in water for half an hour. Then add two cups of chopped onion in edible oil or ghee, one spoon of cumin powder, and four cardamoms.

Add four cloves, two cinnamon sticks or Aromatic spices, two or three bay leaves, and fry on low. Then boil the basmati rice well with water like a family, in that case, it must be covered. Then you can mix saffron color with coriander leaves and mint leaves to make it more delicious. And lastly, enjoy Kachchi biryani.

The final

In a word, if you follow the kitchen biryani cooking recipe method to cook Kachchi biryani and by applying the additional spices for Kachchi biryani, you can easily make the delicious Kachchi biryani recipe of Old Dhaka at home. You can buy the mentioned homemade biryani recipe ingredients and ingredients from your nearest market. Spices for such biryani recipes can be purchased anywhere in the country.


How to make Biryani?

First, wash the biryani rice well. It is then soaked for several hours. After that, mix cumin and fragrant spices in hot water, boil it half-boiled, and fry it with rice. Large portions of marinated meat, be it chicken or beef, are mixed with rice.

Which rice is better for biryani?

Basmati rice is the most commonly used rice for biryani because it has a subtle, nutty flavor and a distinct aroma that complements the spices and flavors in the dish.

Which biryani is less spicy?

The basic difference between both Biryani is that Hyderabadi is more spicy and pungent in flavor while Lucknow Biryani is less spicy and has a pleasant aroma.

How many types of biryani are available in the USA?

The biryani rice used in this is highly aromatic with the delicious meat marinated in the perfect spices. Above are a few examples of Biryani which are popular across the country. There are more than 25 types of biryani that are widely cooked and eaten in the USA.

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