Exercise at home without equipment to stay healthy

Do the 5 Best Home Exercises Without Equipment to Stay Healthy!

Exercise at home without equipment to stay healthy

To stay healthy, it is necessary to exercise regularly. However, most of us have the idea that we need a lot of equipment to exercise, but we do not know exactly how many exercises can be done with bare hands to keep the body healthy. In this article, we will learn about exercise without equipment i.e. free hand exercise.

Ayan has just entered fourth grade. At this age, the weight reaches fifty. Hearing weight can guess about health! Ayan's family worried about his weight and health at a young age. The specialist advised Ayan to do at least 30 minutes of free hand exercise every day. On the other hand, 64-year-old William is suffering from diabetes. The doctor advised her to do free-hand exercises as well as diet changes to control her diabetes.

What is exercise?

There is no alternative to exercise to keep the body healthy, functional, and disease-free. Exercise is one of the physical exercises. Exercise refers to physical activity. Exercise gives the body freshness and serenity. Exercises vary by age and body ability but are effective. Through exercise, the blood circulation of the body is good and the body and mind are cheerful.

The benefits of exercise

The benefits of exercise

  • Exercise Exercise is very important to keep the body fit.
  • It would not be wrong to say that exercise is a great medicine, because many diseases have been carried out for many years, even taking medicine does not work, but by exercising regularly for a few days, the disease can be relieved or alleviated.
  • The list of benefits of exercise is quite extensive. Apart from keeping the body fit, exercise boosts the body's immune system
  • Exercise also helps reduce depression.
  • Exercise helps to compensate for lack of sleep, i.e. exercise is beneficial for good sleep.
  • Exercise is very effective for overall healthy living.

Types of exercise

Exercise can be divided into several categories based on the function and type of exercise, such as:

  • General exercise
  • Yoga exercises
  • Mechanical exercise

Exercises that can be done without any equipment fall into the general exercise category. Let's take a look at the non-machine exercise list for some common exercises at this stage.

Warm-up exercise

Warm-up exercise

Warm-up is a very familiar term. Warming up is a normal feature before starting any exercise or sport. A warm-up can be included in the list of non-machine exercises because it is also an exercise.

Warm-up is a simple and easy exercise. Warming up can be done in many ways. We will discuss one method here.

Method of warm-up

This method of warm-up is quite common and popular. This method involves warming up with the help of a chair.

  • To begin with, get a chair that you can sit on and get up from if you want. Now you have to sit on the chair and stand up again.
  • In this case, you have to sit and stand every time. Hands should be kept outside the body during this exercise.

Do this continuously for at least 1 minute. Apart from sitting and standing completely, the process should not be too fast or too slow.

Shoulder exercises

Shoulder exercises

One of the exercises without equipment or freehand exercises is the shoulder exercise. This is a very simple and beneficial exercise. Shoulder exercises are very easy to master as they are very simple and comfortable.

Methods of shoulder exercises

Shoulder exercises are a simple and easy method of exercise. A chair and two half-liter water bottles are required for this exercise.

  • Sit on the chair and take 2 bottles in 2 hands and take 2 hands outwards along the shoulders and bend the elbows a little.
  • Keep your hands like this and count from 1 to 20 or wait 20 seconds.
  • Then, while the hands are folded, bring the hands to the shoulders and take them upwards and count from 1-10 again, or wait for 1-10 seconds to bring the hands to normal position.

This exercise should be practiced 10-12 times daily.

Push-up exercise

Push-up exercise

Push-ups are a useful and familiar exercise. Push-up is a very effective exercise for body shape. But not everyone can do this exercise. Many people can do it but can't do it properly. There are many types of push-ups such as knee push-ups, wall push-ups, decline push-ups, push-up claps, etc. A common method of push-ups is discussed here.

Push-up exercise method

  • First, you should lie down with your palms on the floor and your chest slowly pressing down on the floor. Then the hands will be outside on both sides along the chest. Legs should be kept parallel to each other.
  • In the case of push-ups, the head should be parallel to the body and the gaze should be forward.
  • Then by placing the feet on the ground and placing the fingers down and the ankles up on both hands, slowly lift the body from the ground.
  • Keeping the body straight, the upper back and lower back should be straight.
  • When the arms are completely straight, then stop and exhale.
  • Then slowly lower the body towards the ground, keeping the hands in the same position, the elbows will continue to fall, and the body will almost touch the ground, but the elbows cannot touch the ground.
  • Legs should be kept straight. Practice resting on the hands and breathing.

This exercise should be practiced daily according to the body's ability.

Leg exercise

Leg exercise

A simple, popular, and effective exercise is leg exercise. This exercise is without equipment i.e. free hand exercise. This exercise can be done easily at home.

Leg exercise method

  • To do this exercise, first lie flat on the floor.
  • After sleeping, the legs should be raised together on something high (eg: a chair, or table).
  • Then slowly raise the hips from the floor and at the same time bend the knees and bring them towards you.
  • It is important to be aware while doing the exercise. Because you have to be careful not to put pressure on the stomach.

This leg exercise helps in reducing belly fat as well as helping to slim down the hips.

Wall squat exercise

Wall squat exercise

A popular exercise that can be done indoors or at home without equipment is the wall squat. Apart from keeping the body fit, this exercise improves the shape of the thighs and hips.

Wall squat exercise method

  • At the beginning of this exercise, stand with your back against the wall.
  • After standing properly, the feet should be moved 1 foot away from the wall.
  • Then half down with pressure on the wall and resting on the knees.
  • Then be in a slight sitting position so that it is bent at a 90-degree angle. In the first state, it should be done as long as there is firmness or patience. Once you get used to it gradually, try to stay like this for 1 minute. Then the time can be gradually increased.

Apart from these, there are many other types of exercises, but since they are popular, these exercises are kept informed.

Exercise and diet awareness

Exercise is a systematic activity. It is important to follow some rules if you exercise regularly. One of them is diet. Diet has a lot to do with exercise. Because food nourishes the body.

A heavy meal should be eaten at least two hours before the start of exercise. Just as it is not right to exercise immediately after eating a heavy meal, it is also impossible to exercise on an empty stomach. However, a small amount of fruit can be eaten half an hour before the start of exercise.

It is not good to exercise continuously for a long time. Exercise should be done with breaks. One to two sips of water can be taken during the break. But don't drink too much water. Do not eat any type of heavy food after exercise. However, a small amount of protein shakes can be consumed. It restores body performance and refreshes.


We have learned about the benefits and methods of free hand exercise or exercise without equipment. If you exercise, you should do it consciously because there is a risk of damage to the body if you exercise incorrectly. Along with this, awareness should also be kept in the diet. Above all, exercise should be done to stay fit and all kinds of awareness, and limitations should be taken care of.


How does exercise improve mental health?

Exercise causes the brain to release 'feel good' chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin which help improve your mood. It also improves your fitness, which can help boost your mood.

How many times a day should exercise?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), adults aged 18 and over should get at least two and a half hours of moderate exercise per week. That is, 21 minutes of daily exercise is enough to maintain good health.

Is it better to exercise in the morning or the afternoon?

According to multiple research studies, morning workouts have an edge and offer a list of benefits that can sway even some night owls to get their fitness on in the morning.

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