The Ultimate Guide to Making Sour Yogurt at Home

Sour yogurt is a complete food with amazing properties. If you are overweight, sour curd will act as medicine. Sour Yogurt Recipe Although not a very tasty dish, it plays an important role in various functions.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Sour Yogurt at Home

Consuming sour yogurt daily reduces excess fat. It is needed to cook different types of food. This sour curd is also required for sweet curd leaves. Moreover, its role in appearance is incomparable. Applying sour curd on the face every day makes the face smooth, reduces the dryness of the face, and removes dirt from the face.

Sour yogurt is very good for an oily face. Because it can be seen that many people have a lot of oil on their faces, this is a very annoying thing. And if you love biryani, then the biryani you make will not be perfect. If not use sour yogurt.

So to get all the tricks and tips related to sour yogurt today, read the entire article carefully. Because you may have faced many problems while making sour curd. It can be seen that many times the curd does not freeze. Or not perfectly.

They will have solutions to all problems and also some ways you can prepare sour curd. There will be many more items related to that. So please read the entire text without skipping.

Benefits of Sour Yogurt

Benefits of Sour Yogurt

Sour yogurt plays a beneficial role in many diseases. A regular cup of sour yogurt can reduce your high blood pressure by about one-third. Moreover, it also controls the cholesterol levels in the body. As a result, a special benefit is achieved for the body. Besides, for those who have diabetes, if they eat sour yogurt, they will get many benefits from it. Sour yogurt also plays an important role in heart disease.

Many people suffer from excess weight. It's pretty good for them. Because eating sour yogurt daily will reduce excess weight from your body. As a result, if you are very fat, you will slowly start to lose weight.

Ingredients for making sour yogurt

Throughout the year we use sour yogurt in various ways. The benefits of sour yogurt recipes are endless. Also, end its use. So let's see what I need to make this useful recipe.

There are two main ways to make sour yogurt: using a starter culture or using vinegar. Here are the ingredients for each method:

Method 1: Using a Starter Culture

  • Milk: Whole milk is best for making yogurt, as it has the highest fat content. You can also use low-fat or skim milk, but the yogurt will be less thick and creamy. (Image of milk)
  • Starter culture: You can purchase live yogurt cultures online or at some specialty stores. Look for a culture that is labeled as "mesophilic" or "thermophilic." (Image of starter culture)
  • Thermometer: This is optional, but it is helpful to ensure that the milk reaches the correct temperature for culturing.

Method 2: Using Vinegar

  • Milk: Same as above.
  • Vinegar: White vinegar or lemon juice can be used. (Image of white vinegar)
  • Sugar (optional): This can help to balance the tartness of the yogurt.

Additional Ingredients (optional):

  • Fruit: Fresh or frozen fruit can be added to the yogurt after it has been cultured.
  • Honey: Honey can be added as a sweetener.
  • Nuts and seeds: Chopped nuts and seeds can add crunch and flavor to the yogurt.

Here are some additional tips for making sour yogurt!

Rules for making sour yogurt

Rules for making sour yogurt

Sour yogurt is a very simple matter to process. But anything you do not know will indeed be very difficult for you. Many times it is seen that there is no sour curd in the house. That's why two pages become a very difficult matter. But if you can make it at home very easily.

In that case, such problems do not have to be faced. So let me tell you in detail how to process sour curd with the things you have at home in a very short time. It can be seen again that there is trouble in going to the market. So at home, you can prepare curd seeds or sour curd very easily without hassle and in less time. Let's find out.

Here I have taken about a cup of powdered milk to make sour curd in less time. And giving water like half a cup but the water must be lukewarm. Now mix the milk with warm water and mix well with a hand whisk.

Sour Yogurt Recipe with Vinegar

Sour Yogurt Recipe with Vinegar

Once the warm water is mixed with powdered milk, one food cup of vinegar or vinegar should be given. Now shake these ingredients very well. If you observe, you can see that the milk will thicken a lot due to cutting the sheet.

That means your sour yogurt is ready. Now you can use this conduit in any cooking. But if you want it to be a little harder, you can keep it in the normal fridge for an hour. If you take it out later, you will see that it has become like sour curd bought in the market.

Sour yogurt recipe with lemon

Sour yogurt recipe with lemon

We use sour curd in almost all cooking. But this sour yogurt is not always at hand. Many of us face problems due to sour curd when any special cooking is organized at home.

So let's know the process of how you can make sour yogurt at home very easily with lemon. To process sour curd with lemon I will first need liquid milk or powdered milk. Then the milk should be mixed like a yolk. Now dip a finger to see if the milk is tolerable on your finger.

Here you can use powder quickly if you want. But in that case, take half of the amount of milk you take by heating the yolk. After that, warm water should be mixed well with the powdered milk. Then you will see that the powder milk will become like liquid milk.

If the milk is tolerable in your hands, you can add a spoonful of lemon juice to it. After adding lemon juice you can use it in any cooking. But for better results keep it in a bowl and bind it.

Roll up a towel and leave it in a quiet place. Open it after six to seven hours and you will see that the lemon curd is completely ready.

Sour Yogurt Recipe

Sour Yogurt Recipe

I always use sour yogurt for various reasons. Be it for eating, beautifying, or cooking. Many people also consume sour yogurt due to various diseases. During this summer the consumption of sour yogurt increases to a great extent.

Why homemade leaf sour is more healthy than sour curd. And all homemade items are healthier and of higher quality. So today I am sharing the process of how I make sour curd very easily at home.

I have taken half a kg of liquid milk to prepare sour curd. Now this milk should be boiled for two minutes. There is no need to thicken the milk much to make a sour curd recipe. But while churning the milk, keep stirring it frequently.

So as not to burn. If you thicken the milk too much, it will become too sticky after curdling. Now I turn off the stove and let the milk rest for 15 minutes. Because two cannot be prepared with extra hot milk.

When you see that the milk has come down to light yellow heat that means you can easily dip a finger of your hand in it. Then you will understand that the milk is completely ready. At this stage, I will mix a spoonful of sour curd very well with this warm milk.

Now if you want you can take this sour curd in a plastic bowl steel bowl or any saucer. So I took one bowl to process both. Now brush a spoonful of sour curd very well in this bowl.

Recipe for making sour yogurt with cow's milk

This time the milk should be poured into this bowl from above. And the rest should be closed very well with a lid so that no air from outside can enter inside it. After covering the lid very well, wrap the entire bowl with a heavy cloth or towel.

But remember that curd does not take much time on hot days. But it takes a long time for the two to settle completely in winter. Now keep this bowl in a warm place for seven to eight hours.

If you open it after seven to eight hours, you will see that the curd is perfectly ready. This time you can use this sour curd for any purpose without any problem. But if you want, you can prepare sour curd in the same process as powdered milk.

Homemade way to make sour curd

There are many ways to do it at home. And you can use this sour yogurt as two bits. If you want, you can prepare this curd with any type of milk, liquid milk, or cow's milk.

Many times it is seen that there is no vinegar in the house. In that case, you can make sour curd with lemon juice very easily. What to do if you don't have lemon in your house?

In that case, you can make sour curd with hot or dry pepper if you want. Leave the curd hot milk in a closed bowl and dip three or four dry pepper in it, cover with a lid wrap the bowl with a thick cloth, and keep it in a warm place.

After 7-8 hours you will see your prepared sour curd. You can make a sour curd recipe with textual di and the same process.

Recipes with sour yogurt

A variety of recipes can be prepared with sour yogurt. More sour curd is required in making Buttermilk. There are also requirements to prepare the lassi. Which will make your soul more energetic this summer.

So it can be seen that this summer I want to eat sour yogurt recipe very much. Or we eat more. Moreover, sour yogurt is used in many other special dishes. For example, when it comes to making my favorite biryani, its role can also be unattainable. Apart from this, sour curd is used more in cooking roast pilaf.

Final words

Today you get to know all the tips and tricks related to the most essential and multi-purpose whole sour yogurt recipe. Hope you have read the entire article carefully and benefited from making sour curd. If you want to know any more questions or information related to this, please comment.


What is the use of sour yogurt?

Sour yogurt does not allow harmful waste to accumulate in the body, sour yogurt also improves digestion in addition to controlling high blood pressure in the body. Eating sour yogurt has the potential to reduce excess weight. So to get all these benefits Ayurveda thinks that yogurt should be consumed in the right way. Many people have yogurt in their daily diet.

How much sour yogurt should be eaten every day?

It is good to consume 300-500 grams of curd per day but not more than that is acceptable. Eating too much yogurt can cause excess calcium in our body which can increase our health complications. Sour yogurt is very low in fat. it will help you lose weight.

What happens after eating sour yogurt?

Not even with fish and meat, according to Ayurveda Shastra, it is not allowed to eat sour curd after lunch with rice and fish, or after rice and meat. It can cause severe digestive problems. There may also be a possibility of discomfort in the body. Not by heating, the curd is a naturally cold ingredient.

What is the harm of eating sour yogurt?

The cooling effect of curd, in this case, you may face a cough or cold after consuming it. According to Ayurveda, curd improves cough. So it can cause discomfort for people with asthma, sinus congestion, or respiratory problems like colds and coughs. It can also cause inflammation in your body.

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