Bathing in hot water increases the problem of gas acidity

Many believe bathing in hot water increases the risk of stomach problems. But is there any logic behind this idea? Or is it all a myth? An eminent doctor expressed his opinion on these issues. Besides, whether you should take a bath every few days in winter and whether you should use soap while bathing, keep an eye on this report.

Bathing in hot water increases the problem of gas acidity

Our land is trembling in winter. Even putting a sweater over the undershirt clothes does not escape the cold. However, many people are bathing in hot water regularly even on such cold days. And some Facebook-Twitter experts are in awe of their achievements. According to them, bathing in hot water on a winter day increases the risk of stomach heat. And after hearing this 'expert opinion' on social media, many people are bathing in cold water again on a winter day.

But the question is, does bathing in hot water in winter increase the risk of gas-acidity trap by heating the stomach? And to know more about this matter, we contacted Dr. Rudrajit Pal, a prominent medicine doctor in Kolkata city. Let's hear his opinion on this matter.

Daily bathing is important

Daily bathing is important

In the words of Dr. Rudrajit Pal, many people think that people in Western countries spend every day without bathing, just like in our country, we may not bathe during winter. But this idea has no substance. Because there is a big difference between the climate of a Western country and the climate of a tropical country like ours. Even the prevalence of pathogens in our country is much higher than in those countries. For that reason, if you don't bathe every day, the bacteria living on the skin can trap many complex diseases. So no matter how cold it is in a country like India, you have to take a bath every day. That will pave the way for your health.

Does bathing in hot water warm the stomach?

Does bathing in hot water warm the stomach

Dr. Rudrajit Pal said that there is no scientific reason behind this saying. According to him, bathing in hot water in winter will maintain normal body temperature. As a result, the danger of hypothermia can be avoided. Besides, taking a bath in hot water will also reduce the incidence of pain and suffering. So take a bath in warm water safely in winter. There is no risk of gas acidity or any other stomach problems. If you do this, on the contrary, you will get benefits.

Do not bathe in cold water

Many are bathing in cold water even in such bone-chilling winters. However, Dr. Rudrajit Pal forbade bathing in cold water in this weather. According to him, bathing in cold water at this time increases the risk of catching a sudden cold. In particular, asthma patients and those in their sixties are at a higher risk of developing these problems. So give full stop to the desire to bathe in cold water to stay healthy.

There is no harm in bathing in hot water

There is no harm in bathing in hot water

Many people in our country suffer from rheumatic pain throughout the year. And bathing in cold water increases the pain of many people. So those suffering from this problem can bathe in salt water throughout the year if they want. Even asthmatics should follow this rule if they want to stay healthy. It will change your health status.

Bathe with soap

Our skin is home to billions of microbes. And if you are a little unaware, these germs can trap multiple diseases. So if you want to live a healthy life, take a bath with soap every day. That way, you can spend your life laughing and playing with the germs spreading on the skin.

Bathing in hot water causes gas problems

Bathing in hot water causes gas problems

It is not entirely correct to say that bathing in hot water directly increases the acidity of gas. Although hot water can relax muscles and improve circulation, it is not directly linked to changes in digestion or gastric acid levels.

Gas and acidity can be caused by a variety of factors, including diet, stress, and underlying medical conditions. If you are experiencing these issues, it is best to consult a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and guidance. They can help identify any contributing factors and suggest personalized management strategies.

In the meantime, some simple tips that can help with gas and acidity include:

  • Diet: Avoid gas-producing foods like beans, cruciferous vegetables, and carbonated drinks. Eat more frequently and focus on easily digestible foods.
  • Lifestyle: Manage stress levels through relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Over-the-counter medications: Consider taking an over-the-counter antacid or gas reliever for occasional mild symptoms.

Remember, it is very important to seek professional advice for persistent or severe problems. Can provide an accurate diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan.

Final word

Everyone should take a bath every day, experts say there is no better way to relax the body. It increases blood circulation in the body, and also eliminates the problem of insomnia. The whole body is at normal temperature.

Both hot and cold baths are important in medicine. It is said that lukewarm water helps to keep the body clean. But cold water should be used to wash the head.


Is it better to take a bath with hot water?

It is better to take a bath in warm turmeric water in winter. It strengthens the body, relaxes muscles, relieves fatigue, increases blood circulation, removes reluctance to take a bath, relieves insomnia, and improves skin.

Bathing with hot water is harmful?

Our blood pressure starts to change when we bathe in hot water. As a result, the heart has to work more and more to keep the blood pressure normal in addition to maintaining the blood supply to the whole body at this time. As a result, the risk increases for those with heart disease. As soon as hot water is applied to the body, blood pressure changes.

How much hot water do you need to take a shower?

You want the water to be slightly warmer than your body temperature, but not so hot that it burns you or makes you feel uncomfortable. The higher the water temperature, the shorter the soaking should be.

How to take a bath without water in winter?

If you don't have access to water, use baby wipes to clean yourself They won't get you completely clean, but they will help. Be sure to use multiple wipes as each gets dirty. Apply lotion after using baby wipes to moisturize your skin.

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