Planning to become a mother? Then these habits should be avoided!

How to conceive a baby? After fulfilling career goals, and bucket list targets, now it's time to bring in the third person. If you are planning to bring a little one into the world now, be aware of possible speed breakers and bumpers and be careful from today. Then your child will appear on time without any interruption as planned.

Dietary habits during pregnancy

At present, many calculations are done before bringing a new guest to life. Factors like career index, bank balance to deposit cost ratio, and EMI are in the decision-making seat. All aspects are checked only then ticks the box of welcoming a child.

According to experts, there are several benefits of planning to have a baby. Couples are especially mentally and physically prepared. As a result, there are some additional benefits. Moreover, due to thoughtful decision-making, both husband and wife start taking extra care of their body. Even beware of several dangers in advance.

If you too are preparing to become a mother, try to correct these mistakes now. The experts also agree that it will bring benefits.

First of all, turn your attention to this

Diet during pregnancy

Most couples cross the 30 mark to have children while meeting career, bank balance, and asset list targets. Meanwhile, according to experts, fertility rate and age are a factor in conceiving easily. So if you plan to have a child after 30, extra caution is required.

To ensure that the fertility rate does not decline proportionally with age, the body must be kept free from disease. So along with regular health checkups, problems that can be speed breakers in terms of baby conception should also be looked at. In particular, blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid, and blood pressure should be monitored. And this is exactly why some bad habits should be given up from today.

Stay away from fast food

Trans fat can lead to many diseases. Such fats are usually found in fast food. Therefore, such food can no longer be eaten. Also avoid burgers, fried chicken, cakes, cookies, waffles, and ice cream if you are planning to conceive.

Gluten-containing foods are also dangerous

Foods that are high in gluten are not at all healthy for the uterus. Therefore, eating such food in excess can cause multiple problems including endometriosis in the female body.

Reduce caffeine levels

Coffee can also be a speed breaker on the way to conception. If the level of caffeine in the body increases, many times there is a problem with pregnancy. Caffeine hurts fetal growth even after conception. So be careful!

If you want a happy child, quit this habit today

The dream of a child's happiness can end forever due to smoking and alcohol consumption. Because alcohol and nicotine destroy the balance of estrogen hormones in women's bodies. Even men can cause infertility.

Remember, motherhood is a beautiful and transformative journey. Be kind to yourself, focus on healthy habits, and don't be afraid to reach out for support.

Mother's food before and after conception

Mother's food before and after conception

Want to have children? Many women are not aware of their diet. Along with other things, it is important to pay attention to this.

Aim for ideal weight: Following a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle before pregnancy is very important for every mother. The important thing at this time is to keep the weight under control. Because both malnutrition and overweight increase complications during pregnancy and delivery. So you have to keep yourself fit by eating balanced food and regular physical exercise, ensure proper weight.

Folic Acid: Folic acid is very important in pre- and post-conception conditions. Folic acid also helps prevent birth defects. Therefore, foods that contain folic acid should be eaten more at this time. Green vegetables are one of these foods. Apart from this, you can also eat oranges, strawberries, and cereals containing folic acid. Therefore, if you plan to have a child, you should increase the intake of folic acid-rich foods at least three months before.

Calcium: Calcium works properly in the reproductive process and helps in conception. It is also necessary for the health and development of the baby's future teeth and bones. Also, if the body is deficient in calcium during pregnancy, it can increase the risk of osteoporosis (bone loss) in future women. Because, during pregnancy, women's demand for calcium increases a lot. The best sources of calcium are milk dairy products, and small bony fish.

Iron-rich foods: Blood is formed when there is enough iron in the body. It also plays a very important role in the supply of oxygen to the baby later. Iron deficiency in the mother's body can increase the risk of low birth weight or premature death of the baby. Foods rich in iron are liver, eggs, meat, green vegetables, nuts, fortified cereals, etc.

Apart from this, good-quality proteins, grains, vitamins, and minerals play a very important role in maintaining good health and fitness before pregnancy. At this time, excess tea-coffee, transfat such as pastry or bakery food, chips, and extra sugary foods should be avoided.

Final word

Embarking on the journey of motherhood is an important and exciting step in life. By avoiding the above-mentioned habits and adopting positive habits, you can increase your chances of a smooth and healthy pregnancy. Remember, planning is key, and seeking professional advice ensures you are well-prepared for this transformative chapter.

In short, prioritize prenatal care, mental and emotional well-being, consistent lifestyle choices, regular health checkups, and financial planning. Communicate openly with your partner, manage stress effectively, and never underestimate the importance of professional guidance. By adopting and being mindful of these habits, you pave the way for a fulfilling and joyful motherhood experience.


What to do to have a baby?

Eating enough fruits and vegetables every day is very important if you want to conceive. A variety of fruits and curries are rich in vitamins and minerals. Spinach, broccoli, sprouted mung and gram, almonds, and sour fruits must be included in your daily diet. Make sure your diet contains enough B vitamins.

Can not eat any fruit during pregnancy?

Pineapple tops the list of fruits to avoid in the early days of pregnancy. This is due to the enzyme bromelain present in the fruit.

How many weeks in pregnancy how many months?

Childbirth lasts approximately 40 weeks from the time of the last menstrual period and ends with the birth of the baby. This process is completed in just ten months and ten day months where each month has about 31 days. It takes place around 38 weeks post-implantation.

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