What a mother has to do to feed her child - Learn baby care

What a mother has to do to feed her child

Feeding a child feels like a battle. Especially for new parents, feeding the baby properly can be daunting. It can be dangerous for the baby if not done carefully. However, most of the parents and family members in Bangladesh do not know how to feed the baby.

Children suffer for their mistakes. The child has to go through problems like vomiting, regurgitation, gas in the stomach, and constipation, the child becomes weak and does not gain proper weight and body structure. If the child goes through these pressures at the beginning of life, it also has adverse effects in later life.

So, for the health and well-being of the child, he should be careful about feeding him properly. The article discusses how to feed a child, what parents and family should do to feed a child, what age should be fed, how many times a day should be fed, home-made food or outside food - these are discussed in detail.

What parents should do to feed their children?

What should parents do to feed their children

It is an important responsibility of parents and families to feed children the right food according to their age. A child's well-being depends entirely on how he is cared for. If care is not provided properly, it can hinder the child's current and future growth. Therefore, every family should be aware of what food should be given to the child at what age.

From the first hour of birth until the age of 6 months, the mother's breast milk, or "Shaldudh-e" is the main food of the baby. But if a mother's breastfeeding is not possible then alternative measures have to be taken. The formula system is the most widely used of the alternative systems. In this method, milk powder, cow's milk is fed in a bottle or a feeder.

After 6 months try to feed other soft and nutritious food along with milk. For example – semolina, soft fruits, and rice-dal khichuri can be fed. But you have to eat properly. The child should be encouraged to eat. Can't be fed by fear.

Some rules for proper feeding of children up to 2 years of age:

The right time to feed

Know in advance when to feed the baby. When is he ready to eat? Most people make mistakes because they don't know this. When is the right time?

Since babies cannot express their feelings, they communicate all their feelings by crying. He cries even when he is hungry. But apart from crying, there are other signs that she is now eager to eat. If he cries then try to feed him.

Hold food in front of him if he sees signs like repeatedly putting his finger in his mouth, and moving his head from side to side. See if he eats.

Note how the child's mood is after waking up. Are the eyes not shiny, are there sleepy feelings, are the hands and feet moving a little more than usual? If you see that the eyes are very clear, the mood is lively and the movements are increasing, then feed the child at that time. This is the perfect time to feed him.

But yes, don't take this time for granted. Hold the food in front of the baby's mouth, and see if he is interested in eating.

Note the daily time and behavior of the baby so that he can be interested in eating at that time on other days as well.

Correct positioning of children

The mother should also sit comfortably with the baby lying on her lap while breastfeeding. If the position of both is comfortable then it will be convenient for the child to eat.

And if you have to feed with a bottle or a feeder, then it is still better to feed on your lap. Care should be taken while feeding in this position so that the baby breathes naturally. Don't put pressure on the nose and mouth. Hold the child straight.

And if the mother breastfeeds lying down, then the baby should turn to the breast and sleep. It is best if the mother breastfeeds while sitting.

Do not force the child

Never force a child to eat food. That will make him more upset and angry. Encourage the child patiently. Prepare him to feed in soft tones by patting his back and head.

Then put the food in front of the mouth. Don't force your child to eat if he doesn't want to, but try again later.

When feeding a baby between 6 months and 2 years old, show the baby that eating is fun by eating first. Give the food in his hand and say the name of the food. He will be interested in it.

If he starts to eat, then do not force him to finish the whole meal. Do not force children to eat their fill.

What to do if you bottle-feed your baby

The nipple or butt of the bottle or feeder should be such that the hole in the butt is neither too big nor too small. If the hole is large, the milk may stick in the throat and cause serious conditions for the baby. Nasal discharge and breathing problems can cause serious problems.

If the opening is small, the milk will not get properly, so hold the bottle or feeder in front of the baby's mouth. And if he can catch it himself, then give it to him.

Be careful not to let air enter the bottle. If the baby swallows air from the bottle, there is a possibility of gas problems in the stomach.

What to do if the child vomits

Diarrhea is normal for every child. If you eat too much food, if you don't hold it properly, if you laugh all at once, the child will vomit. So it's not a problem.

Stomach gas, regurgitation of food, and regurgitation due to not holding it straight are common causes of burping in children. If you pay attention to these things, these problems will be less.

This can be done if a rash or itching appears on the child

Mother's breast milk is safe. Cow's milk is mixed in the formulas in market containers and packets. Some babies may be allergic to cow's milk, so cow's milk should be avoided. These symptoms occur on the baby's skin due to allergies. This aspect should be observed regarding feeding cow's milk.

These things should be taken care of by the mother, father, and other family members.

How many times a day to feed the child?

How many times a day to feed the child

No matter how often food is offered, the child will not want to eat it every time. So encourage him to eat every few hours.

Every baby aged 1 day to 6 months needs to be fed at least 8 times a day. Feed him after 2 hours.

Feed 6 months to 2 years old nutritious food 3-5 times a day. If you don't want to eat once, don't force it or scare it.

Can the child be fed outside food?

Milk should be given exclusively from birth to 6 months. But after 4 months, you can slowly try to feed other foods. Make sure that the other meals are home-cooked and not outside. Outside food is not safe for babies.

Make extra baby food at home. Or get it from establishments that sell homemade food.


Feed the baby properly without eating wrongly and haphazardly. A proper balanced diet at home helps a child grow physically and mentally. If you see any problems and abnormalities in the child, you should take it to the doctor.


How to clean the baby's mouth after feeding?

Clean your baby's face using a soft cotton pad. And wipe each eye well with a separate piece of cotton wool starting from the inner corner outwards. And use a new soft cotton wool to wipe around their mouth and nose. Take another piece of soft cotton wool and clean their ears, neck and face.

What clothes should newborns wear?

All you need for the first few weeks is enough clothing to keep your baby warm and clean. You'll probably need: 6 stretch suits for both day and night (all-in-one), or 4 stretch suits and 2 night dresses (nighties) for night - use socks or booties with nighties if it's cold.

How often should the newborn breastfeed?

Do not feed honey, sugar, or sugar water to the newborn without the mother's milk. Because they are harmful to his health. From the time of birth till the completion of 6 months, feed the baby exclusively with the mother's milk. From the age of 6 months to 2 years, breastfeed the child with complementary foods.

How often should I change the baby's diaper?

Generally, diapers should be changed every 2-3 hours. Do not leave the baby in diapers for more than a few hours or wait until the diaper feels wet before changing the baby. If the baby poops, the diaper should be changed immediately and the baby should be cleaned each time before putting on a new diaper.

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