Khichdi Recipe - Cook easy vegetable khichdi at home

Khichdi Recipe Cook easy vegetable khichdi at home

Khichdi is on the daily food list. Read the article to know the recipe and ingredients needed to cook khichdi at home. This article has discussed recipes for cooking neat khichdi, thin and thick khichdi, and delicious khichdi with meat and vegetable khichdi with detailed tutorials.

Khichdi recipe ingredients

Khichdi arrangement brings us a unique joy on winter nights or during the rainy season when the surrounding environment is stagnant. However, there are different recipes for cooking khichdi depending on the village or region. So I am going to tell you about some khichdi recipe ingredients that are useful for any kind of khichdi and help to make it tasty and fun.

Khichdi recipe ingredients

Any khichdi Recipe Ingredients:

  • Rice (can be fragrant rice, or paddy rice, or polao rice).
  • Dal (Masur, khesari butter dal, or multiple dal makes khichdi tastier and softer).
  • Amount of ghee or edible oil.
  • Bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves, cumin powder, coriander powder.
  • Turmeric and chili paste, salt.
  • Potato slices as desired.
  • Onion and garlic cloves, Chilli or Chilli.
  • Coriander leaves and as much water or water as needed.
  • Tasty salt to make masala snake more tasty.

With the above 15 ingredients, you can easily cook any kind of khichdi recipe in any season.

Rules for cooking any type of khichdi recipe

Rules for cooking any type of khichdi recipe

From the above 15 common ingredients for cooking khichdi, you can cook khichdi according to any recipe whether you want in winter or spring, or any season. That's why following the rules below will make your delicious khichdi recipe.

Khichdi cooking recipe in an easy way

  • First, wash rice and dal together and soak in water for 30 minutes.
  • Then heat oil on medium in a kadai or pressure cooker or a deep pot.
  • Traditionally bay leaf cinnamon cloves and cumin powder beat together for a while.
  • Then add chopped onions and stir fry until light red.
  • Add coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, and salt to taste and stir well.
  • Add the sliced potatoes, if cooking vegetable khichdi you can add carrot papaya.
  • Now pour an equal amount of water and stir everything.

  • After some time cover the pressure cooker or kadai with a lid and cook rice and dal together in water for 25 to 30 minutes.
  • When the water dries up a lot, keep the pressure cooker or kadai on the stove either by turning off the stove or keeping it on low heat for a while. And move after a while.
  • Finally serve hot sprinkled with rich and ripe tomato slices, and other ingredients of your choice and Duniya Guru Easy Homemade Khichdi Recipe.

Tips: To enjoy khichdi more deliciously, you can use oily pickles or chutney with khichdi. Or if you use any broth or liquid like any cooking extract, the khichdi will be more delicious.
Vegetable khichdi Recipe

Vegetable khichdi Recipe

  • Villagers and city people also love to eat vegetable khichdi. So how can you easily cook vegetable khichdi, I will tell you that recipe now.
  • First, take two cups of Polao rice in a bowl. Or if you want you can take rice with rice, and half a cup of lentils.
  • Add half a cup of moong dal. But instead of raw dal, fry the mug dal a little.
  • Then wash the rice and pulses well with enough water.
  • Then take a perforated sieve or bowl and drain the water well from the rice.

Lentil khichdi Recipe

Lentil khichdi Recipe

  • Place a silver or steel pan in the hair and pour half a cup of patience oil or soybean oil.
  • After heating the oil for a little time, add a cup or so of cubed potato pieces.
  • If it is winter season or if it is available in the market, you can buy carrots and cut them into pieces. You can enjoy a unique taste of khichdi.

  • Add half a cup of cauliflower.
  • Give the barb in half a cup amount.
  • Add 6 to 7 cloves of garlic.
  • Then stir fry the vegetables for a while.
  • Then add salt as needed.

Keep the oven temperature medium to high and stir fry the vegetables for about five to seven minutes.

Neat Khichdi Cooking Recipe

Neat Khichdi Cooking Recipe

  • Since I will not use any kind of masala in this vegetable Khichdi, I will saute the above vegetables well.
  • After a certain time, when the vegetables are fried, strain the oil through a strainer and put the vegetables in another bowl.
  • Then I mixed four cloves, four cardamoms, three or a few pieces of cinnamon, and two or three bay leaves in the oiled pan.
  • Then fry these kota masalas in oil for a few more minutes, but be careful not to burn them.
  • Then pour two to three cups of chopped onion in it.
  • Then, when the onion turns brown or light red, add one tablespoon of ginger and one tablespoon of garlic paste to it.
  • Then grind these spices well for a while, so that the smell of ginger and raw garlic does not come.
  • Then leave the rice and dal mixture in the oil.
  • Then after mixing the rice dal, keep the heat of the stove on a light medium and wait for a while for the rice dal to be fried well. Stir occasionally with a spoon or spoon if necessary.

Tips: Stirring the rice from time to time will make the Khichdi very smooth. But do not apply any salt at this time, otherwise the rice will break. And the khichdi will not be tasty to eat.

  • Then in the next step, I added half a cup of cumin.
  • Add half a spoonful of turmeric and chili powder.
  • Sprinkle the same amount i.e. half a spoon of coriander powder.
  • Then add some salt and fry all the spices and rice dal for two minutes.
  • To bring more taste to the vegetable, add some cabbage leaves.
  • You can add half a cup of sim pieces.
  • Then fry the vegetables for another three to four minutes.
  • Then mix the pre-fried vegetables in this Khichdi mixture.
  • Then mix all the ingredients and fry again for two to three minutes.

Roasted Khichdi Recipe

Roasted Khichdi Recipe

  • Boil water according to your rice. I used six cups of boiling water per kg of rice.
  • Then mix all the ingredients well and add 10 to 12 green chilies or green chilies.
  • After 10 to 15 minutes the flame of the stove should be kept on a light medium and the pot should be covered with a lid.
  • Then open the lid and mix all the ingredients again by stirring.
  • When the water is very dry, put the pan under the pan.
  • Then keep the flame of the stove on medium cover with a lid and cook for five minutes.
  • After 5 minutes lift the lid shake the rice again and pour 2 spoons of ghee, you can use mustard oil if you want. But ghee is more delicious.
  • Re-heat for 5 minutes on low or low flame.

Then serve this delicious vegetable Khichdi recipe beautifully with the required salad.

Thin Khichdi Recipe

Thin Khichdi Recipe

In the case of thin Khichdi cooking, the above vegetables have to be cooked like nothing or a neat Khichdi recipe. The only difference is, that less water should be added to dry or fine khichdi. Add twice as much water to thin Khichdi as compared to rice dal.

Khichdi recipe with meat

Khichdi recipe with meat

Adding meat to Khichdi gives a different taste. If you are cooking thin khichdi, you can use any poultry, beef, or buffalo meat. In case of using meat while cooking thin Khichdi, wash the rice dal and the meat well and then put it in the pan.

But if you want to cook bhuna Khichdi with meat, then fry the meat first and then cook it like the above vegetable Khichdi or neat type Khichdi recipe. So hopefully you have a recipe for cooking khichdi with meat in a simple way at home.


The recipe for cooking Khichdi is almost always consistent. For example, vegetables or thin Khichdi, roasted or neat Khichdi, or any regional Khichdi of Bengali form should be combined with rice, dal, yellow ginger, garlic, pepper, and oil. Hope you got to know the recipe of how to cook Khichdi easily at home. Comment if you have any comments. thank you.


Is eating Khichdi fat?

Several studies have shown that eating khichdi twice a week can lead to weight loss. For those who are suffering from belly fat problems or fat accumulation around the waist, feel free to add khichdi to your diet. Even, you can eat it even if you have an upset stomach. It is very useful in loose motion problems.

Is khichdi good for the stomach?

Khichdi is considered good for the stomach. It is a simple, easy-to-digest meal made of rice, lentils, and mild spices and is often recommended as a comforting and easy-to-digest meal, especially when one is feeling sick or recovering from an illness.

Which rice is better in Khichdi?

Traditionally, short grain rice like "Sona Masuri" or "Basmati" rice is usually used to make Khichdi. Basmati rice adds a fragrant aroma, while Sona Masuri rice gives a soft and chewy texture.

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