Cooking in a rice cooker - how much electricity does it cost

Cooking in a rice cooker - how much electricity does it cost

Today I will tell you what can be cooked in a rice cooker and how you can easily cook any food using a rice cooker with low electricity consumption. Many people think that rice cookers are only used for cooking certain types of food such as fish, rice, and fried eggs. Their ideas are wrong! Because in this age of technology, you can cook any kind of food with the modern rice cooker.

So in this article, I will discuss some latest rice cooker tips and principles of proper usage. In addition to how you can cook rice and fish with a rice cooker, I'll share how you can cook anything from liquids to fried foods with an electric low-cost rice cooker, including fried eggs.

What can be cooked in a rice cooker?

What can be cooked in a rice cooker

Many understand a rice cooker to mean only a rice cooker, which is powered by electricity. It is not! Rather, with modern rice cookers, you can cook any food including rice and fish curry.

So now the question is what can be cooked in a rice cooker, in a word, all cooking in the world will be done through a rice cooker from now on. What do you not understand? That is, a rice cooker consists of several pots, And each vessel has different characteristics. For example, there are separate pots for cooking rice, polao, or biryani, and roasted khichuri, while there are separate pots for cooking fish, vegetables, and vegetarian curries. Also, if you want, you get a separate pot for cooking any fatty food including chicken, beef, and chicken roast.

Another advantage of digital rice cookers is that many people are suffering from diabetes or various heart diseases. Usually, these patients are advised by specialist doctors to avoid semi-boiled or extra-fatty foods and to consume normal vitamin-rich foods. So for them, most family rice cookers have multi-perforated bowl-type pots. Put water under that pot to boil any meat, fish fatty food, or any food in the pot.

Then cover the lid of the rice cooker and cook with electricity, the food contains extra fat; It will accumulate to one side. The rest of the food will be boiled and cooked according to the specified temperature.

Special Note: With the modern multi-functional rice cooker, you can cook any food you want. Be it liquid, dry, or boiled food. But keep in mind that no matter what food you cook with a rice cooker; It will never be like a gas stove or a clay stove. That is, the way we usually cook food through the stove, if we cook it in a rice cooker, it will come out a little lighter than that. However, it is not so unpleasant to eat, it is quite fun.

Types of Rice Cookers

Types of Rice Cookers

Many people unknowingly buy any type of rice cooker in new condition. Seen later when he went to cook; Then you may not be able to cook certain items of curry or food as per your wish. Oops! It is needless to say that then one has to fall into a terrible extinction.

That is why it is important to know the type and type of rice cooker before buying it. Generally, rice cookers are of two qualities: stick oven/rice cooker and non-stick oven rice cooker. So, before buying which pot will be best for you, you must consult with the shopkeeper.

There are also two types of rice cookers.

  • Single vessel type rice cooker
  • Multi-functional rice cooker

What can be cooked in a rice cooker? Generally in a single-pot cooker, you can only cook rice like rice or biryani or a variety of wings. However, if you want to use a multi-functional rice cooker, you can cook any item including rice curry, biryani polao, and semai finni at a much lower cost.

What is the electricity consumption in the rice cooker?

What is the electricity consumption in the rice cooker

Rice cooker sellers on various social media, including YouTube, may tempt you to get a much lower monthly electricity bill. But to be sure, you must know the power meter.

As you can imagine, different wattage rice cookers are available in the market. If you buy a 1000-watt cooker, it will consume one unit of electricity per hour. And if you buy an 800-watt rice cooker; In that case, the electricity bill will be 0.8 units. Palli Vidyut or a similar company's price per unit of electricity is between 06 money to 15 money.

So suppose I bought a 1000-watt rice cooker. As per the fixed cost of the electricity line of my house, Palli Vidyut Samiti has to pay 6 money for each unit. So if I use the rice cooker for an hour, then I charge six rupees for every hour; Now if I cook my rice curry in three hours: 3x6 = 18 money.

What is the monthly electricity bill of a rice cooker: To cook a family of 3, 4, or 5 members, if you need three hours; Then an average of 20 money per day i.e. 20 money per month times 30 days (20X30 = 600 money) i.e. 600 money can be spent. But many times if we cook a little more time to meet the different food needs of the family, the idol that we have this time like 1000 rupees will be kept only for the cooking cost of the rice cooker.

The ratio of rice to water in a rice cooker

Rice to water ratio in rice cooker

Whether you cook this rice or dal or Thin khichdi through any rice cooker, single or multi-functional! Remember: Always use twice as much water as food. That is, if you want to cook rice, then for half a kilogram of rice, one kilogram of water should be added to the rice cooker.

Similarly, while cooking pulses: 250 grams of pulses should be mixed with 500 grams of water. I hope you understand.

How to Fry Eggs in a Rice Cooker

How to Fry Eggs in a Rice Cooker

With today's multi-functional digital rice cookers, you can cook any vegetable and vegetable bhaji including egg bhaji. In case you want to fry eggs in a rice cooker; Then the curry pan i.e. the pot for cooking curry in the cooker should be fried in it.

So the method of frying eggs in a rice cooker is: First, in a bowl, take chopped onions, and green chillies and crack the egg to take out the liquid part. Then mix all the ingredients with enough salt. Then fry the eggs after putting enough oil in the curry cooking pot of the rice cooker.


Above I mentioned what can be cooked in a rice cooker and how if cooked properly, the food tastes great. However, be sure to use double the amount of water when cooking liquid or grainy foods than you would for pulses or rice. Hope you got to know the features and pros and cons of rice cookers in detail. Write your comments in the comment box and best wishes. Happy cooking!


How many liters is the rice cooker?

Highlights Rice cookers of different sizes and capacities are available in the market. Rice cookers of 1 to 6 liters capacity are generally available for purchase.

Does a Low-Carb Rice Cooker Work?

In all products tested, rice cooked with "low-carb rice mode" felt softer than rice cooked with "normal rice mode". In all products tested, rice cooked with "low-carb rice mode" had about 10 to 20 percent more moisture than rice cooked with normal rice mode.

Why is it better to eat rice cooker?

Many rice cookers focus on reducing cooking time, but they ignore the impact on nutrition. Harsh near-infrared heat emitted from a metal or ceramic inner pot damages nutrients, especially delicate ones like complex carbohydrates. Furthermore, many lack a vapor-management system, venting it instead.

How long can rice be kept in a rice cooker?

How long rice can stay hot in the cooker depends on a few factors, but generally, 4 to 12 hours with the keep warm function is safe. It is also important not to refrigerate them for too long, as this causes the rice to spoil and become unsafe to eat.

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