What should be the weight of a child according to age

What should be the weight of a child according to age

It is wrong to judge the health of a child by how fat or how thin the child is. How the child is growing, what he eats, how much he eats, at what rate his weight and height are increasing, and whether he eats and sleeps properly, indicate the health of a child.

Make sure to determine the health of the baby by looking at the external fat and thin size. To get an idea about the proper and normal health of the child, one should know what the child's weight should be at what age and what to do if the weight is not normal.

In this post of Gutiguti Pa - you can know these things well. Here is a separate list of weights for boys and girls up to the age of 36 months i.e. 3 years.

Causes of baby weight loss

Baby weight loss

Every child is born with different characteristics. All children are more or less different. Same with weight. The weight of a boy baby and a girl baby will vary. It's normal.

But no matter what the child is, boys and girls, everyone has a certain and normal level. Weight also has that dimension. A child's weight gain is one of the determinants of growth. If the weight does not increase normally, it also hinders the physical and mental growth of the child.

So every conscious parent must know what age a boy and a girl should weigh.

There are several reasons why a child's weight may be less or more than normal. Some notable reasons are –

Child gender factor

As mentioned earlier, there will be a difference in the weight of a boy and a girl child. The gender difference between boys and girls is one of the reasons behind their weight gain. Normally a boy baby is born with a slightly higher weight than a girl child. Again in some cases, it is seen that the weight of the girl child is more than that of the boy child.

Causes of premature birth of the baby

A baby born before its due date is called a premature baby. It is understood that a baby born at an abnormal time will also have an abnormal weight. Medical science also says the same. A premature baby grows less than a normal-born baby.

Infant nutritional factors

Not only children, but every human being's weight and height growth depends on the amount of nutrients he is not getting. During the first six months of a baby's birth, his main food is milk, preferably breast milk. Studies have shown that a breastfed baby grows faster than a formula-fed baby. This is because we all know that a mother's milk contains all the necessary nutrients for the baby.

Cause of physical illness of the child

Many babies are born with an abnormal heartbeat or palpitations at birth. This is one of the reasons for their weight loss. A decrease in heart rate is a sign of well-being.

Due to any effect on the body of the pregnant woman

Many women are health-conscious during pregnancy. Not eating properly is often a concern. The children of such women, especially the first child, are affected by these acts of the mother. Because of this, the baby is underweight after birth. The children who are exposed to smoking, drugs, and alcohol while pregnant are also born with low weight and physical abnormalities.

Women who gain extra weight during pregnancy and those who have diabetes are more likely to have babies born with heavier than normal weight. A statistic shows that the number of children born with excess weight i.e. obesity is increasing in modern times.

Now, you know how a baby should weigh and at what age

Find out what the baby's weight should be and at what age

Baby's growth slows in the first week after birth. After 2/3 weeks the weight is stable, the lightness of the world, and the food weight starts to increase slowly.

According to the World Health Organization, the normal birth weight for a boy is 3.3 kg and for a girl 3.2 kg.

Now see how much weight is normal for the next 3 years –

Age: Boy weight Girls weight
1 month 4.5 kilograms 4.2 kilograms
2 month 5.6 kilograms 5.1 kilograms
3 month 6.4 kilograms 5.9 kilograms
4 month 7 kilograms 6.4 kilograms
5 month 7.5 kilograms 6.9 kilograms
6 month 7.9 kilograms 7.3 kilograms
7 month 8.3 kilograms 7.6 kilograms
8 month 8.6 kilograms 8 kilograms
9 month 8.9 kilograms 8.2 kilograms
10 month 9.2 kilograms 8.5 kilograms
11 month 9.8 kilograms 8.7 kilograms
12 month 9.7 kilograms 9 kilograms
13 month 9.9 kilograms 9.2 kilograms
14 month 10.1 kilograms 9.8 kilograms
15 month 10.3 kilograms 9.6 kilograms
16 month 10.5 kilograms 9.8 kilograms
17 month 10.7 kilograms 10 kilograms
18 month 10.9 kilograms 10.2 kilograms
19 month 11.1 kilograms 10.4 kilograms
20 month 11.4 kilograms 10.7 kilograms
21 month 11.6 kilograms 10.9 kilograms
22 month 11.8 kilograms 11.1 kilograms
23 month 12 kilograms 11.3 kilograms
28 month 12.7 kilograms 12.1 kilograms
30 month 13.6 kilograms 13 kilograms
36 month 14.4 kilograms 13.9 kilograms

The weight values given here are as per international standards. If the baby has this weight, then the baby is of normal weight. If the weight is below 20%, it should be assumed that the child has a nutritional problem.


Determine your baby's weight by knowing what a baby's weight is at any age. If malnourishment and abnormal weight are found in the child, feed him according to the child's food list according to age. Parents should pay maximum attention to the health of the child.


What foods make children fat?

A great source of protein and calcium is dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. These are ideal healthy foods for babies. Children should be encouraged to drink milk regularly. This can include liquid milk a few slices of cheese or a bowl of yogurt.

Ways to increase baby weight during pregnancy?

Protein is very important for your baby's growth during pregnancy. Good sources: Lean meats, poultry, seafood, and eggs are great sources of protein. Alternatives include beans and peas, nuts, seeds, and soy products.

At what age can children eat cookies?

Foods with added sugars may include muffins, flavored yogurt, or cookies. Babies under 24 months should avoid excess sugar. Check nutrition facts labels to find foods with no added sugars.

What food does the baby gain weight?

Foods that are very important for the baby to gain weight - milk and milk-like foods like ghee, cheese, pies, puddings, etc.; Protein foods such as eggs, nuts, and beans; sugary foods like potatoes, rice, bread, etc. Make sure your child is not just getting through the day with plain water or drinks.

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